Archive 81: Netflix horror series surprises and collects praise

Archive 81: Netflix horror series surprises and collects praise

Archive 81 is one of the new Netflix series aimed at horror fans. Directed by Rebecca Sonnenshine and James Wan, its eight chapters already have many positive reviews and praise. Find out more in this note!

On January 14 it premiered on Netflix supernatural horror series Archive 81, an original story inspired by the popular podcast of the same name. With its eight chapters already loaded on the platform streaming, many people commented on social networks their first opinions and, by the looks of it, there are many praises and compliments on the story. If you are a fan of horror series or movies, add Archive 81 to your list and tell us what you think.

Archive 81 is one of the first horror series of 2022, it includes references to movies like The Shining, The Blair Witch Project and Rosemary’s Baby. According to those who saw it (or are in it), the story has a compelling premise, several jump scares and found footage (or found footage). The series is a free adaptation of a podcast that was transferred to television by Rebecca Sonnenshine and the director of Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring, James Wan.

the protagonist of Archive 81 is the restoration expert, Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), whom a millionaire called Virgil Davenport (Martin Donovan) offers him a job for a mysterious company. The task you have to do is to restore video tapes or video cassettes from the 1990s, from a sandbox of Virgil, since the tapes are very fragile. Weird, no?

The interesting thing is that these tapes contain recordings of a student (Dina Shihabi) investigating an apartment complex that mysteriously burned down. A detail that cannot be missed is that Dan he is tormented by a family tragedy that, by chance of life, is connected to the filmmaker. Because of this, the protagonist becomes obsessed with the recordings and immerses himself in what happened behind those fires.

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Archive 81

For those who have been wanting to know more, they can not only see the complete series in Netflix, but also here we leave some reviews and comments. First of all, know that Archive 81 it had a score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Guardian:file 81 offers generous portions, albeit perhaps at times too majestic of a pace, of conspiracy theories, jump scares, hallway stalkers, things that make noise in the night, figures from the past being resurrected, hallucinations.”

A.V. Club: Archive 81 It takes patience, but it’s a surprisingly satisfying investment despite some short breaks.”

Archive 81 netflix

As for those commenting on the series on Twitter, some say: “Archive 81 it totally screwed me over i haven’t had chills like this just from seeing something scary in a long time“. They also mention that the series “is too scary” and that is why they had to “take a break”.

So now you know, if you like horror, give File 81.