Today we find a very rocky look from Ana Fernandez. The actress is modern and groundbreaking and that is why she has been chosen as the new image of Huawei who launches the new mobile Nova 9, aimed at a profile of young and avant-garde people. So Ana, has come to the photocall with a most inspiring look for those of us who love to go out and attract attention on any night out.

A black jacket with a big star on the back signed by The Extreme Collection by Nieves Álvarez, could be enough to catch our attention. But for Ana Fernández it is not enough: she takes off her jacket and underneath she wears a two-piece Pedro del Hierro with spectacular black leather. Above, a sleeveless top by Pedro del Hierro. Down with skinny pants. To finish off some black Louboutin sandals that will make anyone lose their minds.

The occasion deserved it. Huawei has presented its Nova 9 mobile and she is the star of the campaign. With wonderful looks in each photo.

Huawei Nova 9

We loved the Huawei Nova 9 mobile. It has the possibility of taking selfies in 4K, the night photos are impressive (Huawei gives soup with waves to the biggest in this of the photos with low intensity light), it has ultrafast loading and we love a great novelty: you can take a video with the front or rear camera and continue to switch to the opposite camera. An example: you start recording an image of someone coming towards you and you turn it around just as that person arrives and you continue recording the video from the other side. The mobile is very thin, with an impeccable and beautiful design. Like the Madrid actress.

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Among Ana Fernandez and its rocker look, and the new Huawei Nova 9 mobile, makes you want to start the weekend right now. Let’s not forget that tomorrow you have to get up early.

Image | Jared