One of the great joys that he is giving us lately Disney + in Spain is that more and more titles aimed at the adult public are arriving in its catalog. Very recent we have the case of the highly recommended ‘Only murders in the building’ and this next Wednesday, September 22, it will be the turn of ‘Y: The last man’.

Originally aired in the United States through FX on Hulu, ‘Y: The Last Man’ is the adaptation of the acclaimed comic book of the same name by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra published between 2002 and 2008. Its story revolves around a mysterious androcide that has turned civilization upside down. Unfortunately, the starter of the series turns out a little decaf, giving the feeling that the best could be yet to come, but without leaving great confidence that this will be the case.

A discreet start

The path of this adaptation has been very complicated. Initially, it was considered very seriously to bring the comic to the big screen, but it ended up being discarded after several years in development. It was in 2015 when people began to talk about turning it into a television series, but various setbacks, including a change of protagonist some time after the pilot was filmed, led us to think that the thing would also come to nothing. It has not been the case.

It remains the question of how many changes there have been when approaching the story, but what remains is the certainty that the first three episodes of ‘And: The Last Man’ seem more a long intro before the series gets really interesting. However, what really gets annoying is that you end up opting for a somewhat generic approach rather than embracing all those that might make you stand out individually.

After all, the fact that practically all mammals with the Y chromosome die suddenly is a very succulent starting point, especially if we have an account that a human and his pet, a capuchin monkey, do survive , but the series has for now focused more on doubts about the leadership at the head of the United States than anything else.

Half gas

Diane Lane And Last Man

It is true that the first episode is dedicated to establishing the characters that are going to have more weight so that we know what their situation was before the event in question takes place. There it is already perceived that ‘Y: The last man’ is a series with financial muscle to create his own universe or at least offer his vision of what was raised in the comic.

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I have the suspicion that that will be what happens precisely from the fourth episode, since the first three are more like a kind of immense pilot to get us into this world, updating it in passing to the times that run, since there are certain themes that have gained importance in recent years that have been largely ignored by comics and that are gaining presence here.

And Last Man Scene

There are also other details, minor in the plot that yes, that connect more to ‘Y: The last man’ with certain current concerns, but to the truth of the truth it pulls too much of the jack, horse and king. Of those solutions already amortized and that give many of us a bit of laziness, already see those two fronts that are established on how to deal with that kind of post-apocalypse or, at least for the moment, reduce the protagonist to a role of comparsa when one of the main distinctive features of the story is precisely the Yorick incarnated by a correct Ben schnetzer.

It may be that there is a difference in finding women now in roles that in this type of stories used to fall on men, but beyond the character played with solvency by Diane lane, there is little to scratch. It’s a shame that you hardly ever feel that the creative team is made up mostly of women. This is where the speech could have grown, but at the moment of truth it is a bit monotonous. Intense, yes, but monotonous.

In short

And The Last Man Scene

As I have already mentioned, I am hopeful that the series will grow after this little stimulating start, since there are planted seeds for it, but currently the viewer must be hooked as soon as possible so that they do not decide to try their luck with another series instead of giving more opportunities that another may not have been won. For now, these three episodes should have been two at most, but hey, I’ll move on, but I will understand perfectly who does not want to do it.