all the looks of the second chapter (from the winner Sharonne to Onyx and her intergalactic birth)

all the looks of the second chapter (from the winner Sharonne to Onyx and her intergalactic birth)

‘Drag Race Spain’ is on fire, friends. The second program of this new edition, which is broadcast on ATRESplayer PREMIUM (although we would love to see it open), has been pure fire. Where to start? Well, first it’s time to make a brief summary of what happened (before focusing fully on the outfits that the divas were marked).

La Zowi has been the special guest in an episode in which Sharonne has been proclaimed the winner. The most brutal test has been the Supreme Eleganza Talent ExtravaganzaWhile in the lip sync Ariel Rec has been eliminated (although her great moment Sonia and Selena have been very top). Beware also of the terrifying parade that have been marked, since ‘The day of the beast’ has been crowned as the theme of the night.

One of the things we like most about ‘Drag Race Spain’ is know the reflections and testimonies about LGBTIphobia, mental health and fatphobia of the participants. Not everything is aShow of queens” in this program that has Supremme de Luxe as presenter and Ana Locking, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi as judges. Now yes, yes, we review the outfits of the 11 undisputed protagonists of the program.

Drag Race Spain 2: we know the 12 queens who compete to be the best drag queen of this new season

Jack Carajota

Jota Carajota and his gloomy performance with organ, improvised tanguillo and keytar solo was a ten. For him Show, has opted for a ruffle design by Pedro Béjar and Quinndom Wigs. The second looks: pure divine terror à la Eduardo Scissorhands from another world.

Juriji Der Klee

can not be more cool than Juriji Der Klee. Absolute queen of cabaret has been this drag in both appearances: from the sensual outfit in red and black (with pen pen in sight) until bodysuit of roses and thorns with transparencies.

Ariel Rec

Despite being expelled from the day, Ariel Rec has hit it from the “p” to the “o” with her outfits. First, a outfits very ‘Motomami’ (ode to Rosalía, of course). The second, a diabolical rabbit with a wonderful work of body painting on a monkey (work of Patrick Díaz).

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samantha ballentines

Samantha has been on the tightrope, but has managed to overcome adversity. We have seen her with a look reminiscent of the heyday of Jean Paul Gaultier (with a wonderful corset along dominatrix). The second styling to the aesthetic surgery patient in distress is brutal (careful detail of a high-heeled shoe and a house slipper, laughs).

Venedita Von Dash

Flamenco burlesque has been the choice of Venedita Von Däsh. The drag has paid tribute to the world of art with a Spanish stamp with a suit designed with the help of Amparo Siller (the bulls on the nipples are crazy). Finally, the mummy diva has been a winning bet.


The Onyx thing has been to another level, really. From his first outfits to the galactic birth (makeup deserves a round of applause and the blue “mini me” another) until the second suit to the monster of the metaverse, what a great job. We can affirm that, in our opinion, it is one of the most surprising bets of the chap.


Marina has known how to embrace “less is more” in the world drag with absolute elegance. The black cabaret dress with straps (and exposed nipples) and the see-through suit are divineo at its finest.

Drag Sethlas

Canarian Drag Sethlas has left us speechless. Yes, friends, Sethlas’s first proposal is from queen of the night without rival (especially the spectacular makeup), while the flame of horror has made our hair stand on end.

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The winner has made a tribute to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Sharonee has become a top Jazz singer. Plus, her devilish voodoo doll version of her promises to keep us awake for days.

Xtravaganza Star

Xtravaganza Star dressed as an evil hamburger is a work of art full-fledged (Turbo Geminis wardrobe and Michelle Divine bra), not to mention the bloody second suit.

merybrown diamond

As a finishing touch, the bets of Diamante Merybrown. The first look perhaps it has been a bit “meh”, but it has raised the level with a grotesque costume that looks like a giant ginger (yes, there is a meme on networks that defends it that way and the idea freaks us out).

Photographs | Drag Race Spain