If you are one of those who wait Halloween throughout the year, you are in luck: this holiday is (almost) here. This Sunday will be celebrated the scariest night of the year and the RRSS shows us endless proposals to live it in the best possible way. If a few weeks ago we showed you manicures inspired by that day, Instagram continues to show us new -and innovative- designs to consider.

A mix of all possible reasons

Halloween can be described with many emoticons: from a pumpkin, to a ghost, not forgetting spiders or bats. These designs create a fun and original mix where small details gain importance.

Designs in orange, white and black

When we talk about Halloween-inspired manicures, there are three colors that we can never miss: orange, white and black. With these tones we will achieve terrifyingly fun designs.

Less is more (always)

Based on the less is more rule, these options show that we can celebrate October 31 with simplicity and elegance.

It has written a crime

For Halloween it is normal to soak up scary movies and recreate a character that marked us in our youth. These designs could make Jack the Ripper himself fall in love as they emulate stains and drops of blood. Easy to achieve, these designs are perfect for the occasion.

Bright colors to add difference

Although Halloween manicures want to give off fear and terror, there are designs that summarize class and originality. Using bright shades, these proposals will bring out your side more cool.

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Main photo | Instagram @betina_goldstein

Photos | Instagram @heygreatnails, @overglowedit, @kimkimnails, @heluviee, @betina_goldstein