Airspeeder, the eVTOL competition you’ve been waiting for

Airspeeder, the eVTOL competition you’ve been waiting for

What would an eVTOL car competition look like in the future? It is already being tested. This is the Airspeeder.

For years, we have seen how drones have incorporated solutions of all kinds. The improvement of the available technology has allowed us to go much further in terms of objectives. Both at the benefit level and in terms of autonomy, important advances have been made. Thanks to that, it is possible to establish a type of consumption different from the one that, at first, seems to be the most logical. What will different options for transporting people or goods consist of?

The world of competition is yet to be explored. The incorporation of solutions aimed at getting the most out of electric motors is allowing the development of vehicles focused on racing. Within the context of flying options, the presence of the Airspeeder mode is gaining special relevance. Yes, we are referring to eVTOL vehicle competitions. On what are these types of means of transport unique in the world based?

EVTOL technology, curiously, bases its differentiation on complying, in a much more ecological way, with a transportation service for people in an urban environment. The options that we are going to mention hereinafter could fulfill this function, but the truth is that they do not incorporate passengers. Quite possibly, they will not have them either in the future if the tests are commercially successful. All of this is mainly due to the security offered by this technology.

So, are we facing a very advanced innovation? The truth is that yes. This is so because the first test units are already beginning to be seen. The final models will arrive in a few months. By then, it is expected that there will be a total of 4 teams, which will participate with a total of 2 units each. It is a proposal that has been on the table for several years. It is now, however, when it is having a greater role.

Let’s see, therefore, what the Airspeeder consists of, why is it one of the competitions outstanding in the field of innovation and, above all, what is the growth potential of this type of eVTOL. And you, do you think it will enjoy greater visibility as its following grows?

A competition with great audiovisual potential

Who knows if we are facing a kind of Formula 1 of the air within the odd decade? After all, this type of modality is something that hardly has gained visibility from the public. Enjoying a competition in the medium term could launch a new alternative that still has a lot to explore. Among its most outstanding assets, special mention should be made of its technology, driving dynamics and, above all, staging.

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As can be seen in the images, test modalities are already being tested to check which are the most prominent models and on what they base their differentiation. This is, without a doubt, one of the main keys to explain its potential business model. Now, what do the versions of eVTOL that have been created for the tests in particular have to say? State-of-the-art technology is your cover letter to improve your performance.

As is logical, we are facing proposals that stand out, above all, for having a very low weight. So much so that one of its main differentiations from other aircraft is the material used. Yes, carbon fiber is the material par excellence in the world of competition and here, of course, it was not going to be less. Thanks to this, it is possible enjoy an attention-grabbing solution for having a heart attack performance. All this, in addition, without a crew.

Circuits that must be improved to attract the public in the future

The tests carried out, as can be read in the specialized media New Atlas, have taken place in a desert located in South Australia. Thanks to this, it has been possible to correct errors, as well as draw new conclusions about its future viability In economic terms. At the end of the day, finding sponsors and visibility at an international level will be key to guaranteeing your success.

Airspeeder is a competition that could be very successful in the future. In 1

The octocopters, another curious way to determine the eVTOL, are nothing more than proposals that base their movement on the flapping of their propellers. Are are driven by 8 different rotors, which are responsible for offering a certain stability in the air. This causes the balance to play a differential role. To advance, in fact, it can be observed how the units in question must tilt their nose to advance quickly.

Well, what can be detailed at the benefit level? Apparently, the options available today are capable of accelerating to 100 km / h from standstill in just 2.8 seconds. In addition, it has been achieved reach a maximum speed of 155 km / h, a record that will easily be passed in the next tests that take place later.

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