Home Gaming A Pokémon fan shows off a cool Vaporeon and Staryu tattoo

A Pokémon fan shows off a cool Vaporeon and Staryu tattoo

A Pokémon fan shows off a cool Vaporeon and Staryu tattoo


Pokémon is one of the biggest franchises in the world. A few decades have passed since its release (in 1996 to be precise) and it is still making waves in the fan community, which means that its creators have done a great job of characterizing their characters and giving them a narrative. interesting. For example, it would be hard not to recognize Pikachu, Ash’s pet and, of course, the face of the franchise.

In fact, it is likely that many people who identify it have not yet played any of its games, read the manga or seen the anime adaptation, however, some other detail they remember about Pokémon and they immediately relate it to memorable moments in the series. series or its wide range of characters. This benchmark for the animated industry around the world has brought many surprises for his fans.

In addition, after the last generation, the ninth that brought with it the scarlet and purple pokémon, and the updates of the respective evolutions of the pokemons, has caused many of its fans to keep up with the news of the franchise. And what is more, they have made it grow with their contributions.

Tattoos are also a way to show love for Pokémon

While some fans prefer to discuss their favorite characters or their powers, others have made spectacular creations, worthy of being official. Among the latter, which circulate all over the internet, there are countless works of art based on Pokemon, call it fan arts, crossovers and even commemorative figures that are adapted to the original animations and, as expected, many of the Pokemon fans they give a touch of their own to their creations.

And it’s actually quite fun and interesting to see what forms these creatures take through the artwork, as some have their own fan-created evolutions. But beyond appreciating the fan art from the wide audience, some fans have decided to go further when it comes to paying homage to the series.

By the above we mean that these forms of art that Pokémon fans perform can also be tattoos. And what better way to print it on the skin. This helps show the love that many players have for Pokémon, as they will carry it with them wherever they go.

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Given the number of Pokémon creatures since its release, there is a lot of material for the creativity of fans of the series and therefore the chances of surprising others with these tattoos are quite great.

To demonstrate this, a Reddit user named fairytaleblue, recently posted to the Pokemon subreddit an image of a tattoo he’s gotten on his arm. in said photo Water-type Pokémon Vaporeon and Staryu appear together in an underwater environment. For his part, Vaporeon is focused on the tattoo, while some types of coral surround him and in the lower right, we have Staryu in the sand, as a decoration. This small stage turns the Pokémon into a true work of art, with different shades of blue. You can see it below:


The design is so original that it has earned many positive comments to fairytaleblue. While some consider it to be an incredible piece of work, others have gotten caught up in how vibrant Vaporeon’s blue tones are. There were even those who pointed out how adorable it looks in this design and of course there were those who shared their next tattoos in the series, like the pokemon Espeon.

But the best of all is that fairytaleblue he is not the only fan who has made a decision like this. ExplanationGreen also shared an image of an extensive sleeve tattoo, featuring some ghost-type Pokémon such as Gengar, Gismagius, Bannette, Aegislash, and Mimikyu. The design is quite impressive and the shading adds a cool touch.

Of course, the details of Vaporeon and Staryu’s tattoo are incredible and they have a lot of hats and embossing to put the finishing touches on them, so it must have hurt quite a bit. But, without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful and original ways to show love for one of the most popular and successful series in the world.

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