A player completes Pokémon Shimmering Pearl with just one creature: Bidoof.

A player completes Pokémon Shimmering Pearl with just one creature: Bidoof.

Arceus is not the god.

The adventures they can provide us the adventures of pokemon are countless. As much as we repeat one game after another, it is impossible for any of them to be identical to the previous one. The randomness of the encounters, the combat effects, and the thousands of combinations of different teams give us the possibility of creating challenges that make the experience more fun. The lockes were born from that idea with the aim of increasing the difficulty, but there are those who go a step further. For some players, it is even possible beat all Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl with a single creature: Bidoof.

This milestone has been achieved by Daniel Johnson, who, through his Discord channel, was sharing the progress of your adventure with “Masochist”, your beloved Bidoof that, in the final moments of the game, he was already at level 100 to be able to face the final events of the adventure. Of course, the game was not a bed of roses, precisely, since he was able to lose up to 335 times before defeating champion Cintia with a Bidoof with Amnesia, Curse, Ice Beam and Dig. In addition, he prohibited himself from using objects during the fighting.

Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl are two great examples of nostalgia being a success factor in modern times. These are probably the most faithful Pokémon remakes to their original versions, keeping practically intact the experience that Perla and Diamante provided us 15 years ago. Of course, there are certain improvements at the user experience level, such as being able to use the OM without having to assign them permanently to a Pokémon or the permanently activated Distribute Experience, which makes it easier for newbies to get into the game or those who have not entered the saga for a long time, although it considerably reduces the difficulty curve. That is, in fact, the reason that this title already has so many people doing challenges of this caliber.

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