Home Gaming A Dragon Ball fan art shows us Kefla as Majin Vegeta

A Dragon Ball fan art shows us Kefla as Majin Vegeta

A Dragon Ball fan art shows us Kefla as Majin Vegeta

All Dragon Ball fans have great affection for this long-running animated series that has accompanied us throughout our childhood, in which we were introduced to unique characters, such as Kefla, one of the most powerful female characters in the version. latest anime.

Something that has caught our attention is that Dragon Ball fans from all over the world always find ways to show their appreciation, such as making amazing fan art dedicated to their favorite characters, to the extent that today they take a leading role in a truly striking creation that manages to give him a relationship with Vegeta’s forms.

Best of all, an amazing fan art manages to focus on a rather striking aspect of one of Dragon Ball’s female characters, which is dedicated to the Kefla, albeit letting out her most daring and revealing side, as she transforms into a Alternative version of Majin Vegeta, in the pure High-res version style.

We must mention that this work was published on the official Instagram account of @elite_nappa, who often surprises us with unique designs. For those who are not into Dragon Ball and this female character, we will tell you that Kefla is the Saiyan fusion born from the union between Kale and Caulifla through the Kaio-shin Huwa Pothala Earrings.

This character first appears in the Universal Survival Arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga, where she is a representative of Team Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power. This fan art wanted to immortalize this incredible warrior, but at a time when she allowed herself to be corrupted in order to get even more power, so she made an illustration in a more realistic drawing style, focusing on how she would look if she were went over to the side of evil, and surely more than one fan was surprised to see her.

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