Jeep will increase its model range with a new small SUV. A 100% electric SUV that will be positioned one notch below the current Jeep Renegade. A launch that is part of the company’s strategic plan, which has set itself to have an electric vehicle in each segment by 2025.

The Jeep electric offensive just started. The iconic SUV and SUV maker is determined to go one step further. Currently, the brand boasts two plug-in hybrid cars in its European range. These are the new Jeep Renegade 4xe and the new Jeep Compass 4xe. However, and although plug-in hybrid technology offers numerous advantages, the company is prepared to increase its commitment to sustainable mobility.

Jeep is analyzing all the keys to carry out the development of a new SUV. A vehicle that, by size, will be positioned as the access step to its current product offering. And what is even more relevant, it will make use of fully electrical mechanics. A very ambitious project if we take into account the direction that the European Union has decided to take in terms of electrification.

Jeep plans a small, 100% electric SUV

The next big project that the Jeep brand will embark on is neither more nor less than the development of a small, electric SUV. A model that, as we have previously pointed out, will occupy the entry step to the range by size. That is, it will be smaller than the current one Jeep Renegade. This places it directly as a model whose dimensions point directly to the Suzuki Jimny. Logically, saving the distances. And even more so if we take into account its propulsion system and its status as an SUV vehicle.

Christian Meunier, Head of the Jeep brand, has confirmed in the framework of the celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the company, that a real electric offensive is coming: «There will be a totally emission-free Jeep in all segments by 2025». For his part, Mark Allen, Jeep’s Head of Exterior Design, assured that all possibilities are being studied: “We are analyzing all possible segments.”

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When asked about the possibilities of expanding above the new Wagoneer and below the Renegade, Allen was quite blunt about it: “Absolutely, we are looking beyond these projects. The Renegade is a B segment so obviously there is room underneath and that’s something we’re looking at. We probably won’t see anything bigger than the Wagoneer, it’s a beast! ‘

Jeep works on a big product offensive

The top of charge of Jeep also hinted that in addition to the new small SUV, other new models are being considered: “There are a couple more forks in the road that we are looking to cover. I should note that only a few years ago we had three vehicles and we are at the height of this range that we have now. We have been extremely busy and it has really been driven by market demand and global coverage. There has been tremendous growth for the brand in a short period of time, ”Allen said.

Being integrated into the Stellantis car conglomerate, Jeep has access to a host of technologies that will facilitate this electrification-related offensive. The expected «baby jeep»Will be supported by CMP platform, an architecture that allows us to bet on electrification at its highest level. Even more so if we take into account that the new STLA Small platform recently announced by Stellantis will not be ready until after 2025.

The key to the project will be, neither more nor less, than to provide this electric SUV with four-wheel drive, an essential requirement when talking about any Jeep model. And therefore, the use of the indicated platform can be a big problem. It is a project that is in an initial phase and there is still room for it to be canceled or temporarily postponed. We will have to wait.