4 themes to make WinRAR look like another program

4 themes to make WinRAR look like another program

There is no doubt that one of the main objectives we seek, if not the main one, when installing software on the PC, is that it works well. By this we mean that it does not give problems, meets expectations and lasts a long time. At the same time, everything related to the interface and its appearance is becoming increasingly important. We will see a clear example of all this in the file compressor, WinRAR.

This is something that little by little we are seeing on the part of most current developers. We want to say that these content creators currently take great care of the external appearance of your projects. Either to give them a more modern interface, to adapt to the operating system where we install it, or simply to make it more attractive.

Be that as it may, the developers of applications both important and more modest, for some time now give much more importance to the interface. The launch of Windows 11 serves as a clear example of all this, where this is a section that has been prioritized. Before we talked about an application that does not need a presentation for most, such as WinRAR. And it is precisely in it that we want to focus on these lines, specifically on how enhance and customize your user interface.

There are several ways to change and customize the user interface of a program. Those responsible for WinRAR precisely for this purpose propose a series of themes that we can download and install in the application itself. Precisely for this reason, below we will talk about some examples that allow you to give your favorite file compressor a more original look.

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Install these themes in WinRAR and change its appearance

First of all, the first thing you should know is that we are going to talk about a series of official topics that the developers of the file compression program themselves propose. In fact, in order to change the file compressor aspect, you will have to download these elements from your official website. Next, you will only have to install the chosen one in WinRAR for the changes to take effect.

Similarly, it is interesting to know that each of these elements has a series of icons that radically change the appearance of the software. That way we won’t have to settle for the icon set and original look of this program that has been with us for so many years.

  • Ka’ita-Hitam: Despite its strange name, this is one of the most popular file compressor and decompressor themes. original and fun What are we going to find? It significantly modifies the program’s interface thanks to a series of fun icons dominated by black and facial expressions.
  • Senyum: continuing with the facial expressions in the form of icons, this is another fun theme that we can also download from the official website. Here the yellow color predominates and we will surely notice an important change.
  • Alpha Dista: At the same time, it may also be the case that we want to give the program a more professional look, for which this proposal will help us.
  • Crystal: In the event that we are lovers of Linux open source system, it is more than likely that this theme that we propose you like more than any other.