23,200 euros for a “unique” JPEG of Castlevania

23,200 euros for a

It seems that more and more companies are joining the fashion of the NFT or Non Fungible Token. In this case we are going to talk about a very specific one that most of you surely know, especially game fans. We refer to the popular Konami that has been with us for so many years.

Apart from technology companies in general, there are several companies related to the world of video games that are adding to the use of the aforementioned NFT. In fact, over the last few weeks more and more cases have been made public in this regard. It is for all this that we now want to talk to you about what happened with the more than well-known Konami. To give you an idea of ​​everything we are talking about now, say that the aforementioned firm made the determination to carry out an NFT auction related to its title Castlevania.

The auction in question was held to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the well-known video game saga. To give you an idea of ​​everything that we mention here, both graphic and sound elements belonging to the saga we are talking about were auctioned off. These pieces were sold around just over 10,500 euros on average, but there was one exception that caught the attention of many.

They pay 23,000 euros in NFT for a Castlevania map

Here we refer to one of these pieces in the form of Castlevania jpeg map which was sold at a price well above the mentioned average in the auction. Specifically, we refer to Dracula’s Castle map belonging to the first title of the saga, for which 23,200 euros were paid.

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Then there have been other objects for which a price higher than the average is paid, such as a video of several titles of the saga for which more than 15,000 euros have been disbursed. As a curiosity we will say that the total of the auction raised by Konami amounts to 141,900 euros.

It is worth knowing that the different winners of the auction will see their names reflected in the official Konami website dedicated to NFTs.

Of course, given what has been seen and thanks to the success that has been seen in this auction with products from the Castlevania saga, Konami does not rule out carrying out other auctions with NFT in the future. Hence the initiative Castlevania Memorial NFT which we have told you about, could be the first of a long list.

Konami joins Sega or Ubisoft in their commitment to NFTs

This means that, as is happening with many other companies, some of them related to the world of video games, this will be one of the many NFT-related projects that Konami plans to launch.

But as we have mentioned before, this is not the only company dedicated to games that is entering the world of NFTs. And it is that a few weeks ago the also popular firm SEGA was enthusiastic about this initiative and wanted to sell NFTs of some of their most popular sagas. However, many users and enthusiasts of the company were dissatisfied with all this. In fact, we could see something similar with Ubisoft, which was forced to withdraw the presentation trailer from its digital asset exchange platform due to the rejection of a large number of users.