15 CrossFit shoes for women to get in shape this Christmas

15 CrossFit shoes for women to get in shape this Christmas

CrossFit is one of the sports disciplines that is gaining more popularity in recent months as it trains the whole body and achieves good results. To practice it, it is necessary to be equipped to avoid injuries and be comfortable and therefore we show you the best shoes to practice this sport:


Nanoflex TR

Nanoflex Tr Black H67690 01 Standard

This shoe conforms to the foot to provide stability in each of your workouts both indoors and outdoors. It has a lace closure and is available in various colors.

Its price is 56 euros (before 80 euros)


Nano X1

Nano X1 Pink H02840 01 Standard

Your fabric breathable withstands the most demanding workouts preventing the foot from sweating too much. The heel clip adds stability to quick movements and the sole has lightweight cushioning.

Its price is 90.95 euros.

Reebok Nano X1, Women's Sneakers, Frost Berry / Punch Berry / Vector Navy, 44 EU

Reebok Nano X1, Women’s Sneakers, Frost Berry / Punch Berry / Vector Navy, 44 EU


Reebok Hiit Training 2 White G55542

It is designed for sessions of High intensity both for CrossFit and HIIT since it has a cushioning foam insole. Grooves provide flexibility and the rubber outsole prevents slipping.

Its price is 80.96 euros.

Reebok HIIT TR 2.0, Women's Sneakers, FTWR White / Pursuit Pink / Pixel Mint, 35.5 EU

Reebok HIIT TR 2.0, Women’s Sneakers, FTWR White / Pursuit Pink / Pixel Mint, 35.5 EU

Flashfilm Train 2

Flashfilm Train 2 White Gz8257 01 Standard

The boot-shaped fabric supports large movements of intensity and the polyurethane midsole improves responsiveness. The foot is fully supported for a better grip and to avoid injury.

Its price is 52.50 euros (before 75 euros).

Flashfilm Train 2

Legacy Lifter II

Legacy Lifter Ii Blue H02850 01 Standard

They are compatible with sports such as weightlifting since its flat sole with the raised heel helps to lift weight. It has a combined velcro closure and laces.

Its price is 135 euros (before 180 euros).

Legacy Lifter II


Platinum Shimmer

Puma Platinum Shimmer 0313 204 04 4 3662660133

Count on the technology SoftFoam + gives you that cushioned feel with every stride. The fabric is breathable and has heel reinforcement to support specific exercises.

Its price is 59.99 euros (before 64.99 euros).

Puma Platinum Shimmer



The area of heel It is the most important and puma has reinforced it in this model with an extra sole and LQDCELL heel. The lace closure ensures a perfect fit.

Its price is 45.95 euros (before 91.95).

PUMA Lvl-up Xt Black

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Anzarun Lite

Anzarun Lite Shoes

This model, despite being quite simple, has the latest developments such as mesh Anzarun DNA, a SoftFoam + cushion insole.

Its price is 41.99 euros (before 57 euros).

Anzarun Lite

Chroma Puma

Chroma Puma

If you are looking for some shoes to train this winterThese are a good option as they have a very supportive upper and a plush cold-insulating midsole.

Its price is 54.90 euros.

Chroma Puma


Metcon 7

Metcon 7 Chlk3h Training Shoes

This model has foam React indicated for high intensity workouts. It also includes a loop on the laces to avoid having to tie them too many times.

Its price is 129.99 euros.

Nike Metcon 7

Wmns Legend Essential 2


They are designed for training of Gym since its rubber sole is mostly flat. The fabric is in the shape of a beehive that provides breathability and comfort.

Its price is 50.20 euros (before 65 euros).

Nike Wmns Legend Essential 2, Women's Training Shoes, Black / White-Pure Platinum, 41 EU

Nike Wmns Legend Essential 2, Women’s Training Shoes, Black / White-Pure Platinum, 41 EU

Romaleos 4

Romaleos 4 Training Shoes 5bwvdp

Forget those uncomfortable sneakers with these adjustable using straps suitable for all types of feet. Available in various colors, they have a built-in support midsole.

Its price is 199.99 euros.

Nike Romaleos 4



Sneaker X9000l3 White Fz4086 01 Standard

With touches of neon, these shoes feature a sculpted Jetboost midsole that rebounds the energy used in each step. They are made with more than half of their materials from recycled origin.

Its price is 84 euros (before 120).

adidas Shoe X9000L3

Powerlift 4

Shoe Powerlift Weightlifting Black Gz2864 01 Standard

The closure is a combination of velcro and laces for added support and are made with 50% recycled materials. Available in multiple colors, the flexible forefoot allows total freedom of movement.

Its price is 90.42 euros (before 100 euros).

adidas Powerlift 4, Men's Running Shoes, NEGBÁS / NEGBÁS / Dorsol, 42 2/3 EU

adidas Powerlift 4, Men’s Running Shoes, NEGBÁS / NEGBÁS / Dorsol, 42 2/3 EU

Under amour

Tribase Reign 2

Under Armor Ua W Tribase Reign 2 292129 3022614 503

This model has the brand’s technology on the sole TriBase that enhances contact with the ground. The heel support provides stability so that you can resist in each exercise.

Its price is 85.31 euros.

Under Armor TriBase Reign 2 Women's Training Shoes - 42

Under Armor TriBase Reign 2 Women’s Training Shoes – 42

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