13 Maisons du Monde wardrobes to improve the storage of clothes and other textiles in the bedroom

13 Maisons du Monde wardrobes to improve the storage of clothes and other textiles in the bedroom

One of the most common New Year’s deco resolutions and one that is also easy to fulfill, is to improve order at home. To improve order it is essential improve storage and we can start, for example, in the bedroom, with the storage of clothing and textile accessories. For this we have reviewed the Maisons du Monde wardrobe catalog and we have made a selection of some of the ones we liked the most in different sizes, prices and styles, starting with the 4 door white wardrobe of the photo on these lines that costs 1299.00 euros.

Cabinet Handle 1000 9 24 13077

East mango wood wardrobe worth 1299.00 euros.

White Handle Cabinet L 160 10

This other white mango wood wardrobe 160 cm in length costs 1,529.00 euros.

Gray Paulonia Wardrobe 1000 3

The paulownia wardrobe gray is worth 379.00 euros.

Gray paulownia wardrobe

Vintage Wardrobe With 2 And Doors

East vintage wardrobe with 2 doors and 3 drawers is priced at 1059.00 euros.

Bis Wardrobe With 2 Man Doors

East wardrobe with 2 solid mango wood and wicker doors it is worth 1,659.00 euros.

Man 2 Door Wardrobe

East mango wood 2-door wardrobe carved solid is worth 1,449.00 euros.

Wardrobe With 2 Doors And 2 Ca

This other wardrobe with 2 doors and 2 solid mango wood drawers cost 1069.00 euros.

Wardrobe With 3 Doors White

East white 3-door wardrobe mate is priced at 879.00 euros.

3 Door Wardrobe With Grille

East 3-door wardrobe with wicker grid is worth 1299.00 euros.

Pearl Gray Mango Wardrobe

This other gray mango wardrobe Pearl costs 1309.00 euros.

Metal Industrial Wardrobe

East industrial wardrobe white metal 115 cm wide costs 429.00 euros.

Metal Coat Rack With 1 Drawer

And finally this coat rack with 1 drawer in gold metal and black solid acacia costs 379.00 euros.

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