Zumo launches campaign to help women feel comfortable with cryptocurrencies

Zumo launches campaign to help women feel comfortable with cryptocurrencies

In commemoration of Women’s Day, the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Zumo, launched the #CryptoConfidence campaign which seeks to encourage, through testimonies from other women, the female gender to be part of and have a greater presence in the blockchain environment.

With this initiative, Zumo seeks to increase the reliability of women towards the cryptographic environment that today surrounds the financial sector worldwide. In addition to providing explanatory information about it so that they feel more reliable with this new financial era.

#CryptoConfidence seeks to expose the different stories of women who have bet on cryptocurrencies and everything that is related to them both on their website and on their social networks so that the information can also be expanded.

The campaign will mainly feature the testimony of three leading women in the crypto world. One of them is Olamide Majekodunmi, founder of the All Things Money platform, which provides financial tools to young adults who are entering adult life. And two bloggers, Laura from Thrifty Londoner and Charlotte from Looking After Your Pennies.

In the same way, Zumo will also take into account women belonging to its work team.other media influencers and even clients who are willing to collaborate with this initiative to encourage and create trust with those who are not yet part of the cryptographic environment.

The campaign is made and directed towards the female gender with the aim of being part of the struggle of women today and that they feel safe when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Well, according to the data shared by Amelie, in 2021 Finder.com conducted a study showing that only 13% of women invest in digital assets while 24% are occupied by men.

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Zumo Marketing Director Amelie Arras stated in the press release that “Since day 1, Zumo has prioritized being inclusive and accessible. We think it’s really important that more crypto-secure women come forward to share their stories; if every post or video on social media inspires another woman to learn more, you are one step closer to achieving a better footing in the industry.”

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