Zara has already started charging them in some countries

Zara has already started charging them in some countries

The latest news from the Inditex empire will not please those who cried out to heaven (or rather, social networks) when the textile group began charging for bags and gift envelopes in all its brands. And it is that everything points to that We could be at the beginning of the end of free online returns. At least at Zara.

This is what has already happened in 30 markets, where Amancio Ortega’s firm has imposed a fixed fee of 1.95 euros for all returns made at home or at a collection point. Of course, returns made in the store are still exempt from this amount even if the order has been made online.

The money is deducted directly from the amount of the garments returned with this measure that began to be implemented last October and that has already reached countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany or Ireland. However, do not panic, because at the moment it has not been made effective in Spain and there is no date to do so.

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From Zara they argue that this initiative, like the one to collect the bags, has an environmental character and it is that returns have a greater impact on it when they are made through e-commerce. Although experts point out that returns also eat part of the profits of companies that they sell through the digital channel. only in the United States, in 2020, 10.6% of the sales generated in the commerce sector were gobbled up.

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