You never see a carbon fiber Porsche 911 Turbo S in this color | Motor

You never see a carbon fiber Porsche 911 Turbo S in this color |  Motor

The Russian coach TopCar has created a completely carbon fiber body kit for the Porsche 911 Turbo S with a very special tonality.

For tastes colors. Literally. More if possible in the world of cars and even more with Porsche 911, which have been seen of all kinds and have been modified non-stop since the 60s.

Carbon fiber is synonymous with high performance, but also with aesthetics. That pattern full of tiny overlapping black squares is recognized by everyone, but what if it was given a different touch? Well that’s what the Russian modifier has done TopCar.

The basis of Porsche has remained intact, but its body has been replaced by another totally built in carbon fiber chocolate color. This effect is achieved by adding dyes to the resin that joins the fiber layers, and it is not something new (although it is very strange to see).

The total cost of this body kit in carbon amounts to 125,000 euros, providing the 911 Turbo S Of course. Great work and extremely high price for this one Stinger GTR Limited Carbon Edition from TopCar.

In total, the kit consists of 84 pieces separated, although perhaps the spoiler in chocolate color would have been good. The rims and calipers also boast this shade with a Kline exhaust specific. The interior is not far behind either, with brown and carbon fiber upholstery (conventional) everywhere: on the steering wheel, the dashboard and wherever you look.

Will only be built 13 of these GTR kits, so it is a really curious and very limited version of the Porsche 911. Who knows, if the reception is good, maybe TopCar will think about making other versions with different shades … Now on, long live the colors!

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This article was published on Top Gear.