You can now pre-order the blue and pink Dualsense for PS5

You can now pre-order the blue and pink Dualsense for PS5

From this weekend it is possible to pre-order the controls Dualsense colors for PlayStation 5, although at the moment not all models are available. However, the colored covers that Sony announced are not yet available for your presale.

Some regions can already pre-order controls Dualsense Pink and Dualsense Blue which Sony announced last month, plus it is confirmed that the Dualsense Purple will be available starting next month. These controls are available for pre-sale via Amazon UK priced at £ 64.99, plus shipping.

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The official covers and Dualsense colors for PlayStation 5 They were announced in the middle of last month, after several months waiting for an official product from Sony. Although 5 colors were originally announced, at the moment you can only pre-order the Dualsense Pink and Blue, so we have to wait a little longer for the purple, red and black.

For several months it has been expected that Sony Interactive Entertainment release their own official covers for PlayStation 5, as they had previously taken legal action against DBrand for theirs. Of course, this did not stop the brand, which in October last year launched a new lawyer-proof model, with which it made fun of Sony and its patents.

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Gamers who like to customize their consoles are quite a few, and the proof of that is the hundreds of painted PS5s we’ve seen since the console came out. The colored faceplates and Dualsense will be a great choice for gamers of Playstation 5, which will be able to use them this year.

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