The new Redmi 10x and Redmi 10x Pro were recently presented by Xiaomi, which has chosen to launch these mid-range terminals supported by a MediaTek processor, but, beware, with 5G connectivity for the Pro model. Something that is very much in line of its strategy of launching cheap smartphones with this connectivity to stop producing 4G mobiles by the end of the year.

The case is that Xiaomi has wanted to check the resistance of its new Redmi 10X and has had no better way to do it than by throwing fruit at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, and yes, there is a video that shows us how these tests have been.

The Redmi 10X hit by a red pepper
The Redmi 10X hit by a red pepper

Xiaomi launches fruit to its new Redmi 10X

Yes, Xiaomi, in a new marketing act, which is basically what this video consists of, since throwing fruit is not the best possible durability test, has decided to face its new Redmi 10X with a few pieces of fruit and vegetables, to show the durability of the device.

For this, these fruits and vegetables, which include various types of peppers, grapes, tomatoes, and even some water balloons, have been launched at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour towards the terminal, which, it must be said. , has withstood the blows without flinching in the least, and, of course, without breaking.

Without a doubt, it seems to us a most curious and interesting marketing campaign, since this species of Fruit Ninja with the new mid-range device of the Chinese company that has been able to break those peppers and other fruits and vegetables. And the slow-motion gives it an aesthetic that we really liked.