Just a few dates ago we told you that Xbox was experiencing huge business growth in Japan, with 4,113 units sold in a week, which implies that it was the best week of the brand in the country of the rising sun since October 2012 (since the time of Xbox 360). Now we have known that Xbox Series X | S could sell 100,000 units in Japan five times faster than Xbox One, even exceeding the total sales of One in its first year of life. This has been explained by user John Welfare on his Twitter account.

“Xbox is hitting it in Japan, according to Famitsu. Sales reached 4,684 last week, a new post-launch record. This is thanks to the fact that both Series X and Series S are back in stock. The S has received much more stock than normal, which has weighed down the X. Series X, 2,262; Series S, 2,422 “, begins saying the tweet. “Xbox One reached 100,000 sales in October 2018, 50 months after its launch. Xbox Series X | S can reach 100,000 in 50 weeks. You need to average more than 2,483 sales in the next 13 weeks. Xbox Series should exceed the 115,000 total units sold by Xbox One this year ”, he concludes.

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All the information coming from Japan smiles at Xbox, which is experiencing a real awakening in a market in which it is turning lately. The arrival of sagas like Yakuza or Final Fantasy to Game Pass, the landing of Kingdom Hearts, the promotional deal for Scarlet nexus or the acquisition of a Japanese studio like Tango Gameworks (as part of the Bethesda purchase) are just some of the steps that Xbox is taking to the east. The Japanese public, meanwhile, is responding.