In recent years, Xbox has grown exponentially thanks to Xbox Game Pass, the new consoles, and the purchase of various studios they are providing and will provide a great variety of Xbox exclusive games. While in these last months of the year we still have to receive two great exclusive games such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5, we all know that the year 2022 can undoubtedly be one of the best years for the industry and fans of video games. . So as a surprise to everyone, tomorrow we could receive news of a long-awaited game, since Xbox Game Studios prepares a strange announcement for tomorrow.

Going into more details, it has been the official account of Xbox Game Studios Publishing via Twitter, who has surprised everyone with a mysterious tweet where he invites fans to be attentive tomorrow, as they prepare a very special announcement. Of course, speculation has already started, indicating that the ad could be related to the expected Fable.

With hardly any details, everyone has taken the chicken emoticon to believe that tomorrow’s Xbox Game Studios announcement is related to it. new Fable for Xbox Series X | S. As many of you already know, the link of this franchise with these birds has always been more than evident. Even so, we must add that this account has always been in charge of announcing agreements with second and third parties. Therefore, we could think of a somewhat minor announcement, which could be related to Fable, since it was rumored a while ago that an independent studio was doing something related to Fable, in parallel to the main IP.

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Xbox Game Studios prepares a strange announcement