With each new generation of consoles, we see new wars between users from the same. From design aspects, even the smallest details in gameplay, the players of a platform always look for reasons to discredit the platform «rival«. For this, Xbox has gone to the trouble of shaking off the haters above, and has published on his Twitter account a short message that helps us remember that, at the end of the day, what matters when playing is having fun, and nothing more.

The official account of Xbox on Twitter posted the following: «To the people in our responses saying ‘PS5 is better’. The best console is the one you enjoy playing the most. Have fun!«. Of course, user responses were not long in coming, and while some applaud Xbox for the message, others have limited themselves to continue with the war of consoles in the tweet responses. Of course there is another sector in Xbox responses that has been destined to make memes, and we have to say that it is our favorite.

Phil Spencer He has previously signaled his desire to bring DualSense technology to Xbox, and we recently saw the Xbox account congratulate PlayStation and Arkane Studios after showing Deathloop. By this, we can see that players are the only ones setting limitswhile the companies applaud and support each other.

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Console wars aren’t a recent thing, and they will probably never be completely over. As long as there are different options for something, people will keep looking for ways to show their “superiority«, for reasons that are unknown to us. However, the main objective of the players is to play, so Let’s listen to Xbox and play where we want to play and where it makes us more fun.

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