The new trend between parents is to call your baby with a name from an Instagram filter. Would you do it?

The penetration of social networks in people’s lives has reached unsuspected levels. And for sample, a button is enough. Recently it has become fashionable to give babies the name of an Instagram filter. Although it seems a joke, it is not!

The Baby Center site, which among other things monitors the popularity of names among newborn babies in the United States, warned of this peculiar practice, which is expressed under the following indicators.

Baby-names in children:

Lux / has increased its frequency by 75%

Ludwig / + 42%

Amaro / + 26%

Kings / + 10%

Hudson / + 4%

Kelvin / + 3%

Baby-names in girls:

Juno / + 30%

Valencia / + 26%

Willow / + 13%

Would you give your baby any of these names?

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