Woman coughs in Cinemex and unleashes a battle of insults in English

Woman coughs in Cinemex and unleashes a battle of insults in English

A video has climbed between the trends of social networks and in this one shows a hysterical man ordering the use of a copper mouth to a woman, who apparently was coughing inside the living room Cinemex.

The event occurs in the worsening of the health contingency that is experienced worldwide, with the presence of the variant Omicron, which has motivated in cities like Mexico City, a greater demand in the application of tests against this pathogen.

With the advance of the health contingency there are a significant number of cases registered by Ómicron in the world, among which are the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Denmark, Australia, Canada and Belgium.

Until December 23, the numbers of positives to Ómicron in these nations reported by the Gisad they were 17 thousand 492, 2 thousand 399 thousand 594, thousand 153, 857, 516 and 317, respectively.

Coughing in a movie theater, bad idea

Eating popcorn causes many people to cough and this could have been one of the reasons why the woman in a video suffered from it, causing hysteria in a man who was in the same room. Cinemex watching a movie.

The man approached her, ordering her to wear the mask, a fact that continued with insults in English, to which unexpectedly the woman’s companion replied in the same language, becoming a small war of insults in this language, which has ended up escalating in social networks, for the curiosity of the anecdote.

Events of this type are becoming more common amid the tension that is beginning to register due to a greater number of contagions and the expansion that the Omicron variant has had in the world.

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What patents the attitude is that there is a consumer divided between those who do join the culture to contain the contagions of the pathogen and those who are unaware of the challenge that exists in being able to face this pathogen.

The key factor in this behavior is that the importance of being able to follow the recommendations in the containment culture must be assumed, to help prevent commercial spaces from being affected by the contingency, in the face of measures that are implemented by the health authorities such as a reduction in economic activity, a phenomenon that has already been experienced with enormous consequences and measures that have unhinged companies and professionals.

Faced with these challenges, it is important to see what elements are helpful in containing the contingency, especially now that it is crucial to face it from a greater activity in common spaces and no longer in confinement.

The culture of containment to contingency has been a challenge in the market and not only that, a pattern that today is important to take care of, due to the effect of an overwhelmed pandemic.

Faced with these challenges, what is important to consider without a doubt is the health of employees and consumers, because to the extent that the operational focus is placed on it, proper management and care of the phenomenon that we continue to suffer will be achieved today.

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