With this secret keyboard combination you can get out of any blockage on your computer | Technology

With this secret keyboard combination you can get out of any blockage on your computer |  Technology

This is the hidden key combination that you should use if your computer freezes at some point.

Whether you are playing a game of your favorite video game or you are working, it is a nuisance that our computer is magically frozen, and worst of all is that it seems that touching the keys does not solve anything about it, fearing the worst.

And it is that on more than one occasion your computer screen has surely frozen, perhaps due to a saturation of resources, a program that is working improperly or even malware that may have been installed on you, and for this we have several solutions on the table, including a little-known key combination.

If your PC has crashed due to video drivers, we have a solution and that is to press the key combination Win + Ctrl + Shift + B at the same time.

This basically what it will do is reset graphics drivers when computer is frozen, and if we have done well, our screen will go completely black for a few seconds and a beep will be heard that will restart the video controller.

Don’t worry, because all the applications that we had open will remain exactly where we left them, and we will not lose any saved work.

It should be noted that this hidden key combination only works from Windows 8 onwards and works no matter what type of video card your computer has.

But it is likely that it is not a graphical problem and even if you use the previous key combination it will not solve the freezing of the computer.

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If your computer is still frozen, try pressing Alt + Tab to switch to another program. If you see that it does not respond, try pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the task manager and remove unresponsive or resource-consuming programs.

You can also use the classic combination of Ctrl + Alt + Del to be able to access other system functions or even restart the computer in a proper way.

But if with all the previous key combinations you have not managed to get out of the freeze on your computer, You will only be able to disconnect it from the network to restart.

In this case, we recommend that you first press and hold the power button for a few seconds until your computer finally shuts down, and if it does not respond, you only have the last option: unplug the computer from the network.

The latter is likely to cause some type of system memory leak in a not recommended shutdown that you should leave as the last option.