WipEout is one of those classic franchises from the PlayStation house that have been dormant for years, the last iteration of the series was the launch of the WipEout Collection last year 2017 and compatible with PS VR the following year, until now. Today it was announced WipEout Rush, a new installment of the series for iOS and Android mobile devices taking the series’ fast-paced races into the mobile space with a new type of card-based gameplay.

This new installment of the series is provided by Rogue Games and will be released on mobile devices in some time to be determined in 2022. This is a card-based single-player racing game featuring ’12 championships in five different settings’, a new comic book style visual with bullet point narrative, and Alastair Lyndsay has been confirmed to be in charge of compose the electronic music soundtrack of the game. Music has always been an essential part of the franchise experience.

Through IGN, the CEO of Rogue Games, Matt Casamassina, ensures that it is a totally unique experience and complementary to the main series, aware that WipEout fans expected to see a new installment for PlayStatioin consoles and not a game for mobiles. “If I want that intense, immersive and visceral racing experience, I’ll find it waiting on PlayStation,” he explains. “But at the same time, we are delighted to be able to rethink WipEout for mobile devices with some fun new game mechanics and gorgeous visuals.

“We hope that fans will approach it with an open mind because, although different, we are proud to refocus the WipEout franchise with a new version of the formula,” says Casamassina. «We have put a lot of love in the presentation, that includes tons of iconic vehicles and tracks, a new comic book-inspired narrative, a fitting electronic soundtrack, and gorgeous visuals running through 60 frames per second on modern hardware«.

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Apart from this new installment for mobile phones, we must not forget that rumors emerged weeks ago about a new installment of WipEout for PS5 and, more specifically, for PSVR 2, the next generation virtual reality headset from PlayStation that has yet to finish. to show up.