Winnie the Pooh horror movie will be tragic for Igor

Winnie the Pooh horror movie will be tragic for Igor

Now what winnie the pooh has ceased to be an intellectual property within Disneya creative director, is making an interesting version of horror and blood with his characters, called Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honeythe upcoming horror movie that features a goofy old bear and his piggy best friend going on a cold-blooded killing spree, where it seems one of their first victims was a somewhat familiar donkey.

You see, despite there not being an official trailer for this movie yet, during a recent interview with the director of blood and honey, Rhys Frake-Waterfieldtells us that some of the characters that fans associate with the mythology of Pooh they will not appear in the film, although not all will for the same reason; one of them is because the one that the film can present to winnie the pooh and not having to rename or parody it is that the characters in the early stories of Pooh of A. A. Milne have passed into the public domain, but in the case of tigerit is still copyrighted and will not appear.

In the case of Igorwill not appear in person either, although Waterfield says that fans will notice what his fate will be in the film, since apparently, the film features a scene in which the tombstone of Igorand it is suggested that his bear and pig friends ate him and only buried his remains: “Because they’ve had to fend for themselves so much, they’ve essentially gone feral.”said Waterfield to Variety. “So they’ve gone back to their animal roots. They’re not tame anymore: they’re like a vicious bear and pig who want to run around and try to find prey.”

Since the characters have been redesigned, with piglets with tusks like a wild boar and Pooh in a plaid shirt that evokes a lumberjack more than the red t-shirt recognizable from the version of Disney of the character, and now despite being in the public domain, everything that the movies add to them Disney would be owned by Disney and it wouldn’t be in the public domain for several years, which means you have to be very conscientious about not confusing consumers, but it doesn’t seem to bother Waterfield: “No one is going to confuse this [con Disney]”said Waterfield. “When you see the cover of this and you see the trailers and the stills and all that, there’s no way anyone would think this is a kid version.”

After a certain period of time, which is different according to the laws, classic works are no longer considered the property of a single person or entity, but become the property of the culture in general, which allows them to be adapted, interpreted, reused or reprinted, at no additional cost.

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