Whiskey lover? We celebrate your day with these curiosities

Whiskey lover?  We celebrate your day with these curiosities

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage obtained from cereal grains such as barley, wheat, rye and corn, which are fermented and then distilled.

The liquid obtained is matured in oak barrels; the most used in the sector are American and European oak. American barrels provide softer and sweeter notes such as caramel and vanilla, while European barrels have more spicy and woody notes. Whiskey is only made with grain and yeast.

Whiskey or whiskey?
Both words are commonly accepted synonyms for this drink.

The English, Scottish, Canadians and other countries of the commonwealth They call it ‘Whiskey’, while the Americans and Irish call it ‘Whiskey’.

Does the whiskey have denomination of origin?
It can occur anywhere in the world. However, in some regions they have created their own geographical indications, with specific rules on the way they are produced, matured, mixed and packaged.

Some geographical indications and product definitions are: the bourbon whiskey from the US, scotch whiskey from Scotland and irish whiskey from Ireland.

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage obtained from cereal grains.

whiskey of the world
Every day new distilleries are born around the world in countries historically known in the production of this drink, as well as in those that had never entered the category before.

An example of countries that began to venture into the development of new whiskey proposals is Mexico. For example, the Abasolo brand makes it using exclusively 100 percent Mexican criollo cacahuazintle corn.

It is the first distillate in the world to use the nixtamalization, ancient cooking technique over 4,000 years old, which redefines the whiskey taste experience and enhances the aromas and flavors of corn.

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What tasting notes do you have? On the nose, notes of roasted corn, honey, vanilla, pineapple, citrus, nuts such as almonds and spices such as black pepper and cloves are perceived.

While in the mouth, toasted corn, smoked wood, vanilla and honey are perceived.