WhatsApp: How to make your own animated stickers

Most users on WhatsApp can now send and receive animated stickers. We tell you how to create yours.

WhatsApp: How to make your own animated stickers

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application today, hosting billions of users.

For this reason, the platform has spent great efforts in updating itself and offering new features that adapt to the needs of users.

Whereas before WhatsApp was only limited to the exchange of text and images, it is now possible to share GIFs, videos, emojis and many other interactive resources.

However, one of the most anticipated functions was the possibility of sending animated stickers through the app.

WhatsApp launched sticker packs that we even showed you how to get, but the time has come to make your own creations to impress your friends.

How to make animated stickers on WhatsApp

If you want your conversations to be more fun and personalized, then it’s time for you to learn how to make your own animated stickers on WhatsApp.

  • The first step to follow is to enter Giphy, the popular platform that allows users to download and create GIFs.
  • Look for the “Stickers” tab at the top of the website.

WhatsApp: How to make your own animated stickers

  • Once you’re there, you’ll see moving images appear without a background. Download the one you want for your conversations.

WhatsApp: How to make your own animated stickers

  • The sticker you have chosen will be downloaded in GIF format, but that will not be functional to send it as a sticker on WhatsApp, so you will have to go to change the extension to WEBP and you can do it from this link. However, you must change the resolution to 512 x 512 pixels before uploading your file.
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WhatsApp: How to make your own animated stickers

  • Finally, you must enter WhatsApp, then Files, copy the file in WEBP format, paste it in the Stickers folder of the app and that’s it. To get to this file, you must go to WhatsApp, then Media and Whatsapp Sticker.
  • Once you have it, you can share it with your friends quickly and easily.

The process is somewhat tedious but effective. If this tutorial helped you share it with your friends.