The possibility of archiving conversations forever in WhatsApp is already reality so that we do not receive new notifications if they send us a message again. Until now, if contact or group wrote to us again, their conversations were automatically unarchived.

This novelty is already available in the beta of WhatsApp on Google Play, but not for everyone. Even if we install the beta (trial version) it is possible that the new design of the WhatsApp conversation file will not appear, and we have to wait for it to be activated remotely.

The ability to archive chats forever is an alternative to blocking the contact or leaving the group. We still have the ability to read and reply, but archived conversations are not displayed in the main tab.

Of course, we must activate a setting to not receive notifications from archived chats, which by default is disabled. The option is called “Keep chats archived” (“Keep chats archived” in English) and we will have it in this path:

Settings -> Chats -> Keep chats archived -> Activate

WhatsApp already allows you to archive conversations forever in the beta

After activating the option to archive conversations forever, access to the archive will appear at the top of the chat list :

WhatsApp already allows you to archive conversations forever in the beta

We have already explained how to archive conversations in WhatsApp, just press and hold on it in the conversations window, and this possibility will appear in the top menu.

After the update, the file has a new interface, which also explains the news when we first enter:

WhatsApp already allows you to archive conversations forever in the beta

In general, the change is quite positive, although we are waiting for other developments of much greater significance, such as using WhatsApp on several devices natively, without depending on the obsolete WhatsApp Web.

The new option to archive forever will be gradually activated to users, first to members of the beta, and later in the stable version.

We may only want to archive conversations forever in very rare cases, such as groups where we must stay out of commitment, but we are not interested in them at all. In this case, the new WhatsApp file is more effective than simply silencing conversations.