What is an orgasm and how to get one?

What is an orgasm and how to get one?

What is an orgasm?

The Orgasm is the pleasurable release of tension from the pelvic region. which includes the sexual organs, which is experienced in many parts of the body and can be accompanied by ejaculation, but to reach them also requires self-knowledge.

The physical sexual stimulation it is what helps to reach it, although the nervous system is also involved, since it transmits impulses that stimulate the organs and organic systems, where most actions are involuntary.

Orgasms are natural and part of our sexuality

“Orgasms are natural and part of our sexuality. It is necessary to talk about them to know what we are talking about, what is and what is not, and above all, to gradually understand that to reach them also requires self-knowledge”, explains Karimme Reyes, a sexologist at platanomelonbrand of erotic toys online.

95% of the time, straight men reach an orgasm during a sexual encounter; 89% bisexual men, while 86% lesbian women; 66% bisexual women and 65% heterosexual women, according to a study .

What else should you know about orgasms?

enjoy your body

In the women, the clitoris, whose only function is to give pleasureis the organ that can be reached in a more pleasant way, although vaginal penetration and the G zone, together with the breasts, are other parts to explore, as they bring satisfactory sensations.

In the case of men, stimulating the penis next to the testicles, glans or, internally, the P point, are some of the most explosive areas, but in all cases it is important to know what the other person likes.

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What is not orgasm?

This is not the end of sexual encounters. Some people mention that we are in the era of orgasmocentrism, due to the invisibility of other aspects to consider about sexual pleasure.

There are those who have not yet experienced an orgasm due to stimulation that has not been correct or because they are just discovering the self pleasure. However, this does not mean that your sex life is wrong or unsatisfactory, as it is estimated that 40% of women reach orgasm only in 10 out of 100 sexual encounters.


Experiencing multiple orgasms is possible, and although it can happen unexpectedly because everything is going well in that sexual encounter, self-knowledge is essential to become an expert on the subject. Exploring and getting to know what we like helps build trust and gain tools to live them. Everyone can live it, because the practice must be directed to living the orgasmwithout ejaculating.

The masturbation and self-knowledge they are an important tool to reach epic orgasms, there are even studies that show that the orgasm gap decreases with this. There are many different options to experience new sensations.