Erik Killmonger returned to the new episode of What If…? making it clear that Killmonger is a dangerous villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, evil knows no bounds, especially with a villain who proved that his ambition leads him to hatch ingenious plans to take control of Stark Industries and Wakanda, Erik Killmonger.

This text contains potential spoilers for episode 1 × 06 of the animated series What If… ?, so reading it is at your own risk

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If you remember in the movie Black Panther, Killmonger is the son of N’Jobu, brother of King T’Chaka and cousin of T’Challa, who takes the throne of Wakanda and the mantle of Black Panther, after beating him in a challenge to dead.

T’challa manages to recover, and after a spectacular battle throughout Wakanda, manages to defeat and finish off Killmonger, who planned to use Wakandan weaponry to go to war and defeat nations like the United States.

What If ...?  check that Killmonger is the MCU's most dangerous villain
Marvel studios

In the sixth chapter of the Marvel studios animated series, What If…? We find a Killmonger who saves Tony Stark from being kidnapped by the Organization of the Ten Rings, and earning the trust of the millionaire, who would ultimately no longer become Iron Man.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Killmonger reveals Obadiah Stane’s plans to assassinate Tony Stark, so the Wakandan begins to climb the Stark Industries organization chart, accessing Stark’s most advanced technology, as well as large budgets, to suggest use. of vibranium as a source of energy.

The villain manages to confront the United States and Wakanda for the use of vibranium, without discovering himself as a double agent, something that T’Challa discovers, but fails to prevent his cousin from murdering him, as well as James Rhodes, which further tends the spirits between Americans and Wakandians.

With the drums of war beating on both fronts, Tony Stark seeks to avenge the death of James Rhodes, but in the process of dueling he discovers the betrayal of Killmonger, who does not hesitate to kill his “friend”, making this crime seem an act of war from Wakanda.

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Is the friend of my enemy my friend?

What If ...?  check that Killmonger is the MCU's most dangerous villain
Marvel studios

But this was not enough for Killmonger, who also takes out Ulysses Klaw and helps the Wakandan troops take down an attack from the United States, prompting T’Chaka to name Killmonger the new Black Panther, and the villain in home.

Killmonger has access to the great war advances on both sides, so his plan came out to order, something that Aldrich Gillian sought in Iron Man 3 when he wanted to control global terrorism, to have the favors of the government of President Ellis.

What If ...?  check that Killmonger is the MCU's most dangerous villain
Marvel studios

The sixth episode of What If…? makes it clear that Killmonger is one of the most complete villains that the Marvel Cinematic Universe can have, since not only does it have a similar purpose to Loki or Thanos, its plans include both the execution of the plan as well as its consequences, which has coldly calculated.

The animated series What If…? It is now available on the Disney + digital platform.

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