What are the Best Chef Awards that have chosen Dabiz Muñoz as the best chef in the world

What are the Best Chef Awards that have chosen Dabiz Muñoz as the best chef in the world

At a gala held last night from Amsterdam, the media Dabiz Munoz DiverXo has received the award that raises the Madrid as the ‘best chef in the world’, by getting the first place in the top 100 of ‘The Best Chef Awards‘in its 2021 edition. The Swede Björn Frantzén has repeated as second best, and the Spanish Andoni Luis Aduriz He has completed the podium, climbing to third position from his previous 45th spot.

This contest, which has been held since 2017, aims to recognize the work of chefs by focusing on in his most individual work and not so much in the value of the restaurant they represent, as inspiring figures for the new generations and as agents of change in today’s gastronomy.

With little female presence In the complete list of 100 world chefs, these are very recent awards that will still have time to see if they age well with time or if they acquire the prestige of other awards.

Under the -little humble- name of ‘The Best Chef‘This organization with the appearance of a private club was launched, founded by the Polish neuroscientist Joanna Slusarczyk and the Italian gourmet Cristian Gadau in 2015. With the aim of creating a “vibrant foodie community”, was born as a project dedicated to praising the “numerous talented chefs who create the best gastronomic experiences around the world”, seeking to create a “global family of like-minded people who share the same culinary concerns”.

The Best Chef Top100 awards put all their focus on the personal and professional figure of the chef, in a vote whose jury remains anonymousBut he is supposed to have traveled and tasted enough of the world’s cuisines to be able to make an informed judgment and appraisal. These experts include journalists, bloggers, critics and photographers, theoretically linked to the world of gastronomy.

After a first selection of 200 names, including all the present in the top 100 of the previous year, the jury must vote to draw up the complete list of the best 100 of the new edition. The nominated chefs themselves participate in this vote, without being able to vote for themselves.

There are no special criteria to be eligible for this top, although it is supposed to be a way of discovering new talents and highlighting the work of “modern chefs, leaders, capable of elevating food through technology and science, or who leave an impact positive in society with his cooking. “

The complete list

1. Dabiz Muñoz. Spain

  1. Björn Frantzen. Sweden

3. Andoni Luiz Aduriz. Spain

4. Joan Roca. Spain

  1. Rene Redzepi. Denmark

6. Enjoy. Spain

  1. Ana Ros. Slovenia

  2. Alex Atala. Brazil

  3. Vladimir Mukhin. Russia

  4. Mauro Colagreco. Argentina

  5. Virgilio Martinez. Peru

  6. Rasmus Kofoed. Denmark

  7. Jonnie Boer. The Netherlands

  8. Grant Achatz. USES

  9. Anne-Sophie Pic. France

  10. Massimo Bottura. Italy

  11. Julien Royer. France

  12. Daniel Humm. Swiss

  13. Andreas Caminada. Swiss

  14. Mauro Uliassi. Italy

  15. Manu Buffara. Brazil

  16. Dan Barber. USES

  17. Dominique Crenn. France

  18. Alain Passard. France

  19. Pía León. Peru

  20. Enrico Crippa. Italy

  21. Clare Smyth. UK

28. Martin Berasategui. Spain

  1. Rasmus Munk. Denmark

  2. Christian Bau. Germany

31. Eneko Atxa. Spain

  1. Sven Elverfeld. Germany

  2. Gaggan Anand. Thailand

  3. Yannick Alleno. France

  4. Niko Romito. Italy

  5. Heston Blumenthal. UK

  6. Paolo Casagrande. Italy

  7. Henrique Sá Pessoa. Portugal

  8. Antonia Klugmann. Italy

  9. Nick Bril. The Netherlands

  10. Yoshihiro Narisawa. Japan

  11. Rodolfo Guzman. chili

  12. Peter Goossens. Belgium

  13. Jose Avillez. Portugal

45. Paco Roncero. Spain

  1. Joris Bijdendijk. The Netherlands

  2. Jorge Vallejo. Mexico

48. Angel León. Spain

  1. Vicky Lau. Hong Kong

  2. Hans Neuner. Austria

  3. Corey Lee. South Korea

  4. Norbert Niederkofler. Italy

  5. Eric Vildgaard. Denmark

54. Paco Morales. Spain

  1. Agustin Balbi. Argentina

  2. Arnaud Donckele. France

57. Quique Dacosta. Spain

  1. Soenil Bahadoer. The Netherlands

59. Jordi Cruz. Spain

  1. Vicky Cheng. Hong Kong

  2. Massimiliano Alajmo. Italy

  3. Ivan & Sergey Berezutskiy. Russia

  4. Hiroyasu Kawate. Japan

  5. Dennis Huwaë. The Netherlands

  6. Tristin Farmer. UK

  7. Syrco Bakker. The Netherlands

  8. Jacob Jan Boerma. Austria

  9. Nino Di Costanzo. Italy

  10. Floriano Pellegrino. Italy

  11. Jaime Pesaque. Peru

  12. Emma Bengtsson. Sweden

  13. Marco Müller. Germany

  14. Thomas and Mathias Suhring. Germany

  15. Michelangelo Mammoliti. Italy

  16. Himanshu Saini. India

  17. Alexandre Couillon. France

  18. Gregoire Berger. France

  19. Arnaud Lallement. France

  20. Daniel Calvert. UK

  21. Sidney Schutte. The Netherlands

  22. Adam Dahlberg & Albin Wessman. Sweden

  23. Yusuke Takada. Japan

  24. Helena Rizzo. Brazil

  25. Mory Sacko. France

  26. Karime Lopez. Mexico

  27. Dave Pynt. Australia

87. Antonio Romero. Spain

  1. Przemysław Klima. Poland

89. Diego Guerrero. Spain

  1. Anatoly Kazakov. Russia

  2. Guillaume Galliot. France

  3. Jefferson Rueda. Brazil

  4. Selassie Atadika. Ghana

  5. Dieuveil Malonga. Congo

  6. Jonathan Zandbergen. The Netherlands

  7. Rafa Costa e Silva. Brazil

  8. Gert De Mangeleer. Belgium

  9. Leonor Espinosa. Colombia

  10. Jan Sobecki. The Netherlands

  11. Elena Reygadas. Mexico

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