One of the browsers most used by users is undoubtedly Google Chrome And it will always be appreciated that you keep looking for ways to be more efficient.

Google has a novelty for your browser that will significantly accelerate the loading speed of web pages, activating only the elements necessary for the user to view them.

RawDraw is the new feature that will reduce the system resources that Google’s browser uses to render web pages. This will especially help the RAM.

The situation in high resolution screens with the small squares in which the page is divided is that they need a lot of resources, up to 10 MB of RAM for each one.

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Its function is at the time of displaying the page, Chrome divides it into a grid and then allocates resources to each of the boxes. This prevents the browser from having to reload the entire page for each frame.

RawDraw is now accessible through the Google Chrome flags and you can activate it by typing “Chrome: flags # enable-raw-draw” (without quotes) in the browser’s address bar.

It should be mentioned that it is still in an early stage of its development and could present problems, but each user is free to make the decision to try it now or later.