Victoria cosplays as Chun-Li in skimpy clothes

Victoria cosplays as Chun-Li in skimpy clothes

Without a doubt, the cosplay continues to give something to talk about, because we do not stop seeing all kinds of interpretations by the artists who are dedicated to this acclaimed art, which has already become a tradition, which is why we bring you a great one by The beauty Victoria Matos and his interpretation of Chun Li.

For those not familiar, Chun Li is a character in the video games of the saga street fightingr. She is the first female character to appear for this series, as well as the first female lead in a 1 vs. 1.

Introduced in the game Street Fighter 2, Chun Li she was the only female character in this game, as well as one of the youngest combatants in the tournament; Although she was physically not as powerful as the rest of the characters, she was by far the fastest.

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Now the legendary Chinese fighter from Street Fighter 2is the protagonist of the splendid cosplay created by Victoria Matoswho seems to have some very good measures to interpret the beautiful character that we show you here.

Whether in games or art, Chun Li He has always been visually represented as having very muscular legs, and it is no coincidence that his special moves include the flurry of kicks and the iconic Spinning Kick, with which he has beaten so many opponents in the arcade and elsewhere.

So his legs of steel have been very well represented in the cosplay of Victory, who lives up to the character. An oriental warrior that you surely do not want to make angry, because for something she is part of the cast of street-fighter.

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