Although health is essential, it has only recently received more attention. The current Covid-19 pandemic has finally caused it to be understood that it is an area in which you should always invest. It is because of the above that during the last months there has been a never before seen opening of job offers within this guild. With that in mind, now we share with you a vacancy for general practitioners that may be of interest to you.

The offer was published by Aries Diagnostic Group, which is described as the consortium of medical diagnostic services with the greatest projection in the country. To date, it has eight solid brands, more than 185 branches, three Blood Banks and 15 mobile units. In addition to this, it operates three laboratories in private hospitals and provides care to more than 150 public hospitals and clinics.

But now the most important thing is that you are looking for general practitioners. It is a full-time, permanent job within Mexico City.

The main functions to perform

Preparation of medical records.
Home visits.
External and virtual consultation.
Interpretation of laboratory and cabinet studies.

Benefits offered

Saving Fund.
Pantry vouchers.
Legal benefits (IMSS, vacations, Christmas bonus).

Mandatory requirements that must be met

Degree in Medicine with a degree and professional license (ESSENTIAL).
Schedule availability.
Work area: Civil Aviation.
Hours: LD 7:00 to 15:00 (Rest during the week).

What is offered?

Base salary of 20 thousand pesos per month.
Pantry vouchers.
Attendance and punctuality voucher.
Provisions of law from the first day.
Saving Fund.
Savings bank.
Lunch service.
Corporate discounts.
Excellent work environment.

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All the general practitioners who are interested in the vacancy all they have to do is review the following link from OCC. The entire recruitment and hiring process is carried out directly with the company. And now good luck in your job search.