From today, June 21, until next 26, that is, next Saturday, in your Aliexpress store you can get a discount for this vacuum cleaner of 30% compared to its normal price of about 219 euros usually. That is, it drops more than 70 euros, an unrepeatable offer.

At this discount, if we are new buyers in the well-known online store, we can also scratch some other discount code and a couple of euros that will remain in our pocket.

The RedKey F10 can be free!

If the product is purchased between these dates that we have mentioned before, at the same time of making the purchase and randomly, 5 users will see how their cart costs 0 euros, because the brand has decided to give these units as a way of thanking the customers your trust.

What is it about the RedKey F10 that makes it special?

We are talking about a handheld vacuum cleaner, autonomous and that, mainly, one of its great functions is obvious: the articulated arm. With it we can reach any corner of the house, especially under furniture, beds and sofas, without having to make any effort, saving work and time.

On the other hand, this product has a brutal suction power, no less than 23,000 pascals, thanks to a motor of no less than 400 W that looks from you to you at numerous competitors whose price is several hundred euros above that of the RedKey F10.

unrepeatable offer in Aliexprees and raffle

In addition, it is “smart”, because as they said in the Pirelli ad, “uncontrolled power is useless.” It has a sensor for the amount of dust, capable of automatically changing the power required depending on whether there is a lot or a little, as well as the size of the particles. This allows optimizing its autonomy and time of use as it saves energy and effort.

unrepeatable offer in Aliexprees and raffle

At the same time, it has three layers of filtration and a double HEPA system, which helps to avoid contamination and increase the life of the consumables it uses, along with the intelligent use of energy, which makes the battery more efficient and reduces the need to change it for much longer. These details make it a much more respectful product with the environment, since the impact of the waste that it can generate is minimized to the maximum.