UK ‘Bitcoin Adventure’ Proves BTC Is a Family Affair

UK ‘Bitcoin Adventure’ Proves BTC Is a Family Affair

Bitcoin (BTC) is for everyone: toddlers, kids, hard rockers, and even racing pigs. At the “Bitcoin Adventure” held in Avon Valley near Bristol, bitcoiners and hobbyists shared their insights, quips and personal journeys down the Bitcoin spiral despite predictably wet UK weather. Better yet, Bitcoin’s “toxic maximalism” was absent.

For the first time in the world, the “Adventure” took place in a natural park. So while some of the UK’s best-known Bitcoiners headlined the main stage, the 250 attendees who bought their tickets (paying in BTC, of ​​course) were also able to play with the park’s furry mascots: petting goats, hugging rabbits, and watching horse races. pigs.

The adventure of the day, prepared. Source: Cointelegraph

Organizer DB told Cointelegraph that the “goal was to create a family-friendly Bitcoin event to bring people together from across the UK, to share ideas and learn in a relaxed, family-friendly environment.”

“Although I was confident it would be a success, it was a step into the unknown in many ways. However, the positive response from everyone involved has been incredible and the event has exceeded our expectations.”

From Zoomers to Boomers—and with a gender balance that most Bitcoin meetups can only aspire to—the Bitcoin Adventure was a grassroots showcase to complement the decentralized movement. There were no corporate sponsors, “shadow super coders” or bad actors using Bitcoin to baffle banks: there were just “people giving up their time to educate to others”.

In fact, the most elusive customers were probably the mob of mischievous meerkats:

We are ready… #Bitcoin is accepted here. Thanks to @CoinCorner and @CoinCornerDanny. Fun for all the family

For some players, the Bitcoin Adventure was a day to lose your virginity on the Lightning Network. Bars accepted Bitcoin over the Lightning Network using CoinCorner Point of Sale (PoS) devices, famous for Bitcoin’s #LightningLunch, while QR code stickers with “free saturation here” were hidden in the animal park . Additionally, Bitcoin stickers, novelty socks, and even cufflinks could be had for a few Satoshis.

Be like @SophieNakamoto.
Buy me pints with #bitcoin through the #lightningnetwork

LNBits’ Ben Arc, a self-proclaimed Bitcoin free software aficionado, gave an inspiring presentation on open source tools. He could be found fiddling with LN’s hardware devices and QR code readers, and was available to answer questions, no matter the level of detail.

The day’s talks ranged from lessons on multisignature wallets, thanks to Neil Woodfine of Unchained Capital, to the risks and rewards of Bitcoin mining, from analyst and miner Jason Deane; and popular podcaster Daniel Prince and Nathan Day capped off the proceedings with a discussion of Bitcoin, homeschooling, and travel. His children then “stormed the stage” to answer questions.

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UK 'Bitcoin Adventure' Proves BTC Is a Family Affair
Talk “World School for Bitcoiners”. Source: Cointelegraph

Jordan Walker, CEO of Bitcoin Collective (the UK’s first Bitcoin conference) and master of ceremonies for the event, mingled with those new to decentralized digital currency. And while the 18+s gathered at the bar to pay for pints using the Lightning Network and discuss the details of the day, the kids had a host of Bitcoin-themed activities to keep them busy and entertained. The organizer, DB, explains:

“Learning through play for children is important and Bitcoin Ballers, Zebedee, Gamertron and Robotechy gave children the opportunity to have fun and learn about Bitcoin.”

Coach Carbon, the Bitcoin soccer coach behind Bitcoin Ballers, helped kids and teens “start from scratch” with an interactive soccer goal. In other places, Bitcoin games and even “Bitcoin explained with clay” were presented as Bitcoin presentations for children. Children’s education is a growing subset of Bitcoin learning, as more and more authors and educators create content with their children in mind.

The Bitcoin Racing team presented one of the fastest Bitcoin and El Salvador announcements. Bitcoin “minors” got behind the wheel of the Citroen C1 adorned with an El Salvador flag that will race across the UK in the coming months:

The #bitcoin racing team was at @TheBTCAdventure at @AvonValleyPark

Flying the flag of #bitcoin and #ElSalvador!!!

Without a doubt, the highlight of the adventure and the hidden gem was Roger 9000, a lively Bitcoin musician. This one-man band completed the day with songs inspired by Satoshi. The lyrics included “Bitcoin is the love machine”, while the song “Alle Canada” is a rallying cry for the Bitcoin-backed trucker protests in North America.

As the sun set on the inaugural event, many attendees pitched their tents at the campsite. For organizer DB, the plan is to “let the dust settle, sit back over the next few weeks and review the day: what we could have done differently and what we could have done better.”

“Then we will set the wheels in motion for The Bitcoin Adventure 2023.”

Let’s hope that by next summer’s Bitcoin Adventure, there will be no more signs of a bearish meerkat.

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