Twitter has created its own video game and it is as surreal as you imagine

Twitter has created its own video game and it is as surreal as you imagine


At this point in life it is not that Twitter needs any introduction, since it is one of the most popular social networks to the point that there are not a few companies that decide to carry out their big announcements through it, including the video game companies themselves.

To give an example of this, Nintendo announced Paper Mario: The Origami King using this same medium, being the first time we could see the game. And it seems that Twitter would have gotten tired of announcing the video games of others, but now they have joined the video game development itself, being that it has been announced his first video game made in collaboration with Momo Pixel.

Twitter joins the video game industry with its own title

Under this same idea, it must be said that the title announced by the social network is called Twitter Data Dashbeing so that this title has been made with the aim that users can learn to move through the different policies of what is known as the Twitterverse.

Thus, in the game we will go to PrivaCitywhere we will have to take Data, our dog, safely through the park, having to dodge cat ads, swim through the sea of ​​Direct Messages, fight against trolls and learn to take the best paths so that we have best twitter experience:

It is undoubtedly a rather curious movement, since it is a quite ingenious way of showing users of the social network how it works so as not to get lost, although it should also be noted that today there are quite a few users with an account to easily understand how to move around Twitter.

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In any case, it will be necessary to see if this title ends up being successful in hours of play, since, leaving this factor aside, it does not seem that it will have much more depth, being something almost anecdotal that is tested out of mere curiosity. Also, suck to say it, but it is unlikely that there will be a version for consoles.

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