After Octopath Traveler the role and turn-based combat will return to Nintendo Switch with Triangle strategy, the new Square Enix game exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Despite not having offered much information since its announcement, the game’s official account has now revealed the title cover, which shows the protagonist Roland Glenbrook looking over a battlefield after a battle. It should be noted that the revealed art is only confirmed for the Japanese box, it is unknown whether or not the game will have the same cover in the West. Luckily, this will be the way it will be seeing its quality and how it has conquered the players on social networks, asking that this art be respected throughout the world.

Triangle Strategy will premiere next March 4 to offer a new story told through incredible HD-2D graphics. Its protagonist is Serinoa, the heir of the Wolffort house who leads a group of warriors in a complex story in which decisions will make a difference. These elections at key moments will enhance one of the three ideals raised: benefit, morality and freedom. Each one will shape Serinoa’s vision of the world and influence the development of the story.

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Triangle Strategy choices on a particularly important topic will appear when various characters vote on the scales of conviction. In those moments, the allies and the decisions they make can determine the fate of entire nations and the continent of Norselia itself. In addition to this, turn-based fighting they will also stand out in the game. The trick will be to place the units in high places to take control of the battlefield and take advantage of the opponent with a greater range.

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