Transformers strange relationship with Wolverine

Transformers strange relationship with Wolverine

In Marvel Comics we have been able to see a great infinity of Crossover of the most varied, but perhaps one of the strangest was the crossing of the Transformers with Wolverine

The New Avengers/Transformers marvel comics Stuart Moore, Tyler Kirkham, Sal Regla, Anette Kwok and Todd Klein featured the Decepticons attacking Earth with a structure called the Matrix, which released a wave of energy that altered the minds of those nearby. To fight back and stop a war between latveria and a neighboring country due to the Psycho-Prism, the Autobots and the Avengers teamed up to stop Megatron and his army. However, Megatron is even more deadly than ever after taking a serum containing Spider-Man’s blood. In response, Optimus Prime powers himself up with an upgrade using a serum from Wolverine’s blood.

The blood of the key mutant in the victory of the Autobost

In the cross series, New Avengers/Transformers #4, Spider-Man breaks free from capture in the Matrix and joins the Avengers in trying to defeat Megatron. Iron Man unleashes his Anti-Transformer armor, which matches Megatron’s size, but ultimately fails when the villain counters it with his new powers with an energy blast that decapitates the suit. Spider-Man returns to the Autobots and volunteers his blood to build a serum that will empower them the same way he has Megatron, however Wolverine suggests enhancing them with his mutant blood. The Autobots thank him for saving them all, to which Logan replies, “peach”.

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Using Wolverine’s blood to enhance his powers helped sway the battle in the Autobots’ favor. Wolverine would remove the mind-altering device on the matrzi, while Optimus Prime, Luke Cage, and Spider-Man defeat Megatron. While it is hinted that the Autobots gained Wolverine’s healing factor after taking the serum with his blood, the comic does not explicitly show that they have been cured. However, considering he helped turn the tide against Megatron, there’s no question Wolverine’s blood made them stronger.

The blood of Spider-Man and Wolverine being used to power the Decepticons and Autobots shows how heroes can be used as weapons in more ways than just their physical form. As strange as it was to use Wolverine’s blood to power autoboxes, it ended up being the missing ingredient to stop Megatron on Earth. It’s one of the weirder energy upgrades, but it’s hard to argue with its effectiveness.