Once you have created your brand, from the moment you chose a relevant name, you know that you must protect all your marketing assets, as they will be essential for you to successfully market your services or products.

Trademark registration is the process by which a trademark and its assets (such as name and logo) are legally recognized. This allows to show a unified image in the market, whether of a company or its products, as well as to support commercial activities with a differentiator of authenticity.

Having a consistent brand even helps a business’s profitability – overall, it increases profits by 23% when used consistently across all marketing channels.

Protect your brand or logo against the competition: all this, endorsed by the IMPI, will help you get more interested visitors and, therefore, increase your sales.

Some of the general requirements for trademark registration are as follows:

  • Personal data (in the case of individual taxpayers) or data of the incorporated company.
  • Brand name.
  • Badge type: logo in two dimensions, three-dimensional, sound, holographic (Sometimes they require having the codes of the colors used).
  • Power of attorney, in case they are incorporated companies.
  • Payment of official forms or of the application.
  • Rules of use of the brand.
  • Associated products or services.

It is important that your logo is unique enough (and suitable for the twist of your
company), this will help it to be registered. Typically, entities
governments that are engaged in trademark registration conduct an investigation
exhaustive so that there are no two brands that are too similar. This protects both you and the other owners.

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Some brands may contain an auditory signature (such as a jingle), which is also
you will be able to register in most occasions.

In addition, if your brand is international, you can consult the World Organization of the
Intellectual Property that, through the Madrid Protocol, protects trademarks in
several countries. It is also possible that you carry out national registrations in different places,
but, in short, to take this step we recommend that you receive the advice of your
legal team.

Now that you know why it is so important that you register your brand and what is the
basic procedure, we invite you to do it. We know that it requires investment of
time and resources, but it will give you more benefits and will favor your image as
professional in front of your clients or patients.



Alejandro Zayas has a degree in Marketing with more than 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Pharma, CHC, Ot’x and Medical Devices.