Fall Guys has a large number of tests, each one different. The guide that concerns us today is within the category of Survival And it is Block fun.

This test consists of standing up without falling into the lava, while the obstacles are happening. It is not an extremely complicated test, but some mistake may be enough for us to be eliminated. Therefore, in the following guide we tell you all the details about the test.

Cheats for Fall Guys Block Fun

In this test we will find ourselves on a floating platform of reduced dimensions together with the rest of the participants. The obstacles will begin to happen, being faster and faster and the spaces more limited. In this test you have to be very careful with people and not stay stopped, because they tend to push.

With the success of seasons, the level has undergone modifications, but in general the dynamics is the same. We can find different types of obstacles:

  • Doors: we will have to pass between the gaps.
  • Steps: we will have to skip them.
  • Blocks: we will have to dodge them.

The fundamental advice is to always go for the largest and closest gap. You never have to stay still or near people. We also do not recommend wasting time pushing the opponent. At the end of the test, corridors of blocks usually happen and we will have to move to the left and right.

There’s a very risky trick, but it exists and is that if you manage to jump from a platform you can put yourself in the hole of the map and avoid all the obstacles.

Cheats for Blocky Fun

With the new modification The test is complicated and you will have to climb on top of the mobile platforms and jump from obstacle to obstacle. The main thing is to never lose sight of the solid platform, because you can get out of it with these new challenges and if we fail in a jump we can fall into the void.

Tips to qualify for the Fall Guys Pirindola