YouTube has a rival that was not expected, TikTok is not only on the hunt for Instagram. The short video social network managed to surpass the Google content platform in average viewing time.

TikTok appeared without warning and made social networks like Instagram scared for the first time. Time has passed and, it seems, that TikTok has not only managed to sow concern on social networks, but has also managed to shake the throne of YouTube for the first time in a long time.

Such is the fear that YouTube released its own version of short videos to tackle TikTok. The Shorts came to try to get loyal users to short videos to change TikTok for YouTube, although it seems that at the moment they are not achieving the task for which they were created.

The situation to be more serious than you might think at first. And, is that, the BBC has presented a series of data that comes from an analysis made by the Annie application, where it can be observed that TikTok beat YouTube in average view time in June 2020.

And, although the data is from 2020, the growth of TikTok as a social network and as an entertainment platform has not stopped growing in recent months. Of course, despite the fact that all the alarms have gone off, Youtube continues to gain in terms of total retention thanks to the high number of users that the platform has.

The new Chromecast 2020 includes Google TV, a system that allows us to have applications within the device and that is controlled with the remote, unlike the Chromecast that we had until now. It supports 4K resolution at 60 fps, is HDR and Dolby Vision certified.

TikTok lives on how viral its videos can be, in addition to being short-lived content, its consumption is much more convenient. YouTube has had regulations for a long time that require content creators a minimum time to be able to monetize their content, although lately these policies are changing.

Nothing can be predicted, but it is clear that TikTok poses a threat to platforms like YouTube and to social networks like Instagram. We will have to wait to see how this war for content evolves, an application with 5-second videos may be launched in a few years.