With a single move, Thor has shown that he is the most powerful Avenger of all and has also saved the rest of the heroes.

Attention SPOILERS of the comic Marvel Thor # 15 from Donny Cates, Michele Bandini, Elisabetta D’Amico, Matt Wilson Y Joe sabino. When the Avengers were fighting an army of alien robots, there is a time when things get really tough, but luckily it comes Thor and knocks them all down easily proving that he is the most powerful, surpassing even Hulk.

This scene may remember upon arrival at Wakanda in the movie Avengers: Infinity War (2018), since with a single hit of his new weapon he knocks down hundreds of adversaries and from that moment the battle changes direction and the heroes begin to win a confrontation that they had very difficult.

While in this comic Hombre de Hierro, She-hulk, Captain America, Captain Marvel Y Black panther They are among the heroes who are fighting and still have serious difficulties to contain the rivals. Meanwhile, it appears Thor, and the game ends with a single blow to your opponents.

His story in the comics is most interesting.

Thor is one of the strongest members of the Avengers thanks to his thunderous abilities of a literal god and an enchanted hammer that rarely has a rival in power. However, in his current series the King of Asgard is slowly losing its connection with Mjolnir and he’s not entirely sure why. To get to the bottom of what is causing trouble with his enchantment, Thor heads to Midgard to meet him. Captain America and get an evaluation of Steve Rogers. But before speaking, he had to help the Avengers deal with an alien attack.

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In the movies, the character will return in Thor: Love and Thunder which promises to be a show worthy of the strongest Avenger. The rest of his movies from Marvel studios can be enjoyed on Disney Plus.