this racing wheel costs less than 100 euros

this racing wheel costs less than 100 euros


The race games they are more and more realistic, so you can feel the adrenaline of speed in your hands. But the best experience is to have a compatible steering wheel with your console and computer to play exciting races. Although they are not very cheap, you can now get a steering wheel and pedals from Hori for less than 100 euros. This complete pack is available for 97.99 euros and is compatible with PlayStation and PC consoles. It has a 25% discount that will allow you save more than 30 euros.

Although you can play driving simulators with a controller, the best way to do it is with a steering wheel. On PC you have some of the best shuttlecocks to playalthough Hori’s model is one of the more economical. Without discount it costs 129 euros, but now you can get it for much less. Save 31.01 euros and get this flyer with official playstation licenseso it’s fully compatible with PS4 and PS5.

Hori’s steering wheel and pedals cost 97.99 euros right now

PS4 and PS5 games compatible with the HORI steering wheel and pedals

It is certainly one of the best options to race on your console and computer. Thanks to its compatibility, it is possible to play titles like Gran Turismo 7 Dirt Rally, the official Formula 1 game and many more. This steering wheel has clamps or suction cups to fix the structure to a flat surface, an effective and stable way for it to the steering wheel does not move.

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The Apex steering wheel has an adjustable angle of rotation of up to 270 degrees in simulator mode. And it can be alternated with another less demanding arcade mode. Have sequential paddle shifters very accessible to change gears without letting go of the steering wheel for a moment. Finally, note that it includes all controls of the controller such as the directional pad or the action buttons, which can be fully configure.

The best is the price because there is no pack so cheap like Hori’s. Right now it costs 97.99 euros on Amazon because it has a 25% discount. This allows you save at least 31.01 eurosbeing a very complete steering wheel and pedals pack to throw virtual racing more realistically.

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