Yeelight, that brand that many of us know thanks to its association with Xiaomi, has launched an interesting cordless lamp that allows us to quickly and easily illuminate any wardrobe, chest of drawers, etc.

In detail we find ourselves before a small lamp of only 68x26x11mm, which is still able to supply a sufficiently generous light as if to illuminate the interior wherever we place it.

Automatic operation and with a long battery life

But what is really interesting is found inside. Thank you to your infrared sensors It is capable of being activated automatically when opening the closet doors or when removing the chest of drawers from our bedside table or chest of drawers.

To all this is added a battery of 300mAh capable of granting a autonomy of up to 4 months with average use. Beyond that, this new lamp from the Xiaomi partner has a weight of just abouts 25 grams and a magnetic anchor to make placement much easier.

This new wireless lamp from Yeelight is perfect to illuminate your cabinets, drawers, etc. Xiaomi Addicts News

As far as price is concerned, we can currently buy it through AliExpress for less than 8 euros. A quite interesting price, since for very little we can illuminate all kinds of cabinets, drawers and in general, storage rooms.