This new $ 5,000 drone will retire all movie helicopters

This new $ 5,000 drone will retire all movie helicopters

Technology advances and leaves behind more costly and less efficient practices.

For many decades, one of the most expensive shots to make in the cinema and other types of productions are those that involve aerial resources. Mobilize a helicopter, with the cost of the vehicle, the pilot, the fuel and the risk of this means of transport, it was always a great expense for any production company. However, the emergence of drones in the world is alleviating this problem, since their cost, although not exactly cheap, does not imply the risk and expense of a helicopter. In addition, it has reached the market a model that has all the roles of being a success in this field.

Indeed, this model is the DJI Mavic 3, a drone of up to 5000 dollars that comes equipped with the latest technology to take the best image captures. In fact, even allows live streaming at 1080p and 60 fps connected with a device within a range of up to 15 kilometers.

Also, although the premium pack costs $ 5,000, we can buy two other cheaper versions. The cheapest of them, about $ 2,100, is a standard version with typical accessories such as a joystick, charging cables or the charger. A more expensive version, which stands at $ 2,600, includes items such as extra batteries or a cover that can be transformed into a backpack. Finally, the premium pack, of $ 5,000, will have improvements such as different image filters or a more advanced remote controller for better image captures.

Of course, it should be noted that the base version would also allow a most remarkable work thanks to elements such as its 28x hybrid zoom with 24mm lenses. In addition, the images taken without retransmission can reach a 20 megapixel photo quality or 4k recordings combined with 120fps. There is no doubt that, with this quality, many filmmakers will end up opting for this type of resource over the increasingly obsolete helicopters.

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