At the moment you are going to have to go to the Mercadona in Portugal to buy antigen tests in the supermarket, and above all, much cheaper than in our pharmacies.

Antigen tests are one more tool available to the population to be able to perform the COVID-19 test in the comfort of their home, a recommended but not infallible method and that may be causing a multitude of false negatives.

On the other hand, these are tests that are scarce in pharmacies, quite expensive and where the vast majority of the population has not been able to buy them for Christmas dinners. It is a fact similar to that of masks, when at the beginning of the pandemic they were impossible to find.

And it is that our neighbors in Portugal can buy antigen tests comfortably in their supermarket, and for only 2.10 euros, something that Spanish legislation does not allow, and it does not seem that it will change in the short term.

However, Mercadona has thousands of regular customers who ask regularly during their visits to the supermarket about the availability of antigen tests, and given the huge number of users who are asking on social networks, Mercadona has had to clarify the situation.

As we said, the only reason why Mercadona in Spain does not sell antigen tests in its establishments, It is because Spanish law does not allow it.

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On Twitter they have explained that “In Portugal the legislation allows its sale in supermarkets while in Spain its sale is exclusively authorized in pharmacies, so we cannot offer you this product in our assortment.”.

In addition to the exclusivity of the sale of antigen tests in pharmacies in our country, they also reach quite high prices, not less than 10 euros, compared to 2.10 euros for this product in Mercadona Portugal.