A new healthy breakfast product is sweeping Mercadona. It is especially aimed at people who take care of their diet and has caused a real sensation: 14,000 boxes are sold a day.

Finding truly healthy breakfast cereals is difficult. Most of the options we see on supermarket shelves are loaded with sugar, even the alternatives that appear to be diet or fitness.

For this reason, nutrition experts recommend avoiding these types of products and advise taking traditional rolled oats without any additives.

If you take care of your diet and would like to eat healthy breakfast cereals, pay attention because you will like the new Mercadona product. We talk about Hacendado’s Avena Crunchy cereals, which stand out for offering a crunchy texture with a low sugar content.

Taking a look at the label we can see that the main ingredient of Mercadona’s Avena Crunchy cereals is 85% whole oatmeal. They also contain corn grits, salt, an extract rich in tocopherols, and its sugar content (necessary to achieve a crunchy texture). it is reduced to less than 5%, specifically 4.6 g per 100 g.

Its healthy ingredients have conquered lovers of healthy food, although the main complaint from consumers is that its taste is quite bland. But This problem is solved if you combine them with other foods that give it a more appetizing touch.

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If you can’t figure out how to prepare Mercadona’s oat cereals, the Valencian chain leaves you some recipes on his blog so you can get inspired.

The company suggests combining them with a yogurt, chocolate-flavored protein, and raspberries; with beaten cheese, seeds and nuts, and red fruits; yogurt, apple, walnuts and cinnamon; or drinkable yogurt, banana, dark chocolate, and peanut powder.

Hacendado’s Avena Crunchy cereals are for sale in all physical establishments in the national territory and in the online store. They are sold in a package of 400 grams at a price of 1.75 euros and, just like it states the chain, are being a success with sales of 14,000 boxes per day.

With this new product, Mercadona makes clear its commitment to healthy products aimed at fitness lovers.

The company has Hacendado’s own range of high-protein foodswhose newest product, defatted groundnut powder, is also being a success.